I V Drip Part 2 (Featuring Skadoi Benji)

by Blak, Tha Map

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*The XX*
You leave with a tide
And can't stop you leaving
I can see it in your eyes,
Somethings have lost their meaning

*Blak Tha Map*
And I can see it your eyes, I can see it your eyes, You feel something ain’t right
Or maybe I’m trippin’ but on the way down I loss grip on my sight
you should be lucky that I listen to talk about blah za blah ze
But I should lucky that you put up with me all nonchalantly
You got some issues and all magazines go out of date
And this is me telling you to put your baggage in place.
Admitted I’m an alcoholic; I’ve been fixing it from the start of this
Truth be told if you knew it all I don't think you would have started this
And your jealousy makes sobriety hard to grip, I’m starting to think you didn’t want apart of this
That’s prolly why we don’t have arguments, just phone calls full of apologies
Oh I’m sorry that one hugged me, or If someone in the crowd said they loved me
Or if your friends don’t think that I’m loving, or that I won’t amount to nothing
Or maybe if they empathize, they wouldn’t be judging my life
When we both know our living isn’t right, We both try to stay up to hype
Just a couple of hypocrites in hypocrite recovery
And when it’s all said and done, just make love to me

*Skadoi Benji*
And I just give you my life
Even if my living isn’t right
I’ll try
To cut thru all my bullshit and cut thru all your problems
So if I see you in the morning, then we should try to solve them
(Part 2)

*Blak Tha Map*
No I don’t believe in love at first sight, believe sex on the first night
No I don’t believe in love after the first try, After that, your body suffice
I’m just riddin’ round with niggas, loss sobriety might kill us
Twenty times over limit, Under the influence, Over this bitches
All because I don’t want to look needy, I’m making you leave for no reason (for no reason)
Naw I’m lying But I don’t wanna hurt no feelings
Am I staying cause your parents are racist or are you becoming complainant?
Or at shows you becomingimpatient, Why you interrupting conversations for?
Frankly I wish you had a phone, Cause feeling these uppers and downers aye
That’s some Jeremy Bolm shit, Touché Amore
"I did this to myself , Hammered nails with the words unsaid
To look up to me is to look down on everything you said"
Look, I’m driving myself insane, hoping this isn’t in vain
I’m drinking expensive pain, that’s Russian water in my veins
I know sometimes I need to watch what I’m saying.
This all is a prime example of that statement
My I V is dripping the current to see if these meds are working
Only one way to know for certain (3x)
So tell me if its working


released September 13, 2013
The XX on the sample
Engineered by .... at Observatory Studios in Chicago, IL
Lyrics, Vision and Production by Blak Tha Map
Additional vocals by Skadoi Benji



all rights reserved


Blak, Tha Map North Charleston, South Carolina

Nnaji "Blak Tha Map" Singleton (born August 3, 1993) is a rapper from Hawthorne, California. His music is largely influenced by the works of Circa Survive, Kanye West, and Fiest. He released a free digital showcase "Infinite Motion" in 06/13 as an unsigned independent, release his debut album "A Constant Motion" (2013) Then "The Inertia Tape" (2014) And Now "The Phate" (2017) ... more

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