#STRAIGHT Talk (Prod. Steezyasfuck)

by Blak, Tha Map



Story of my life right now


Blak Tha Map, yeah and goes on and on

I got an addiction of lesbians
She let's be friends so I know straight
I bought a couple grams just to compensate
I let her ride but she still claim she gay
Bitch why you playing it's the 20 first century
Bitches go both ways for a double shot of hennessy,
sober dick is her enemy
She blame it on the alcohol so she ain't got no worries
I blame it on the soul fact this bitch is thirsty for attention
Attention from these niggas
Cause back in high school ain't nobody fucked with her
The jocks prolly paid more attention her sister
But shawty's now in college and her booty getting bigger
And shawty gone catch all the eyes of Quan and them
Cause now they realize shawty got bad as fuck
She said lesbian and she ain't gonna turning up
But when she hang out later she gone give it up
And She ain't down to fuck, but she is down for a train
I know this shit sound cray but this shit gone happen everyday
I told her to find herself cause she don't know where she goin
But fuck what I think cause living in the moment and she gone own it
Cause she's lost all emotions
She's a loner
But she gone own it
she can't control it


released October 20, 2014
Produced by SteezyAsFuck



all rights reserved


Blak, Tha Map North Charleston, South Carolina

Nnaji "Blak Tha Map" Singleton (born August 3, 1993) is a rapper from Hawthorne, California. His music is largely influenced by the works of Circa Survive, Kanye West, and Fiest. He released a free digital showcase "Infinite Motion" in 06/13 as an unsigned independent, release his debut album "A Constant Motion" (2013) Then "The Inertia Tape" (2014) And Now "The Phate" (2017) ... more

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